Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ready For Love ?!

So I get this question all the time "Whyy are you still single?!", "Whyy don't you have a man?!" besides the fact that i am a WORK-A-HOLIC, this is my response. . . I wrote this not to long ago, but best believe the thoughts still apply ! Enjoy !

When is it my turn?
such an open-ended question,
i think reminiscin' on my past loses, has been my [greatest] indescretion.
buh it's a legitamite question.
the words of mrs. keys plays over & over,
yes i was burned buh i call it a [LESSON LEARNED]?
so when is it my turn?

'cause i mean im tired of the late nites,
hook-ups with no phone calls,
"relations" that never amount to nothin' @ all.
'cause im worth it,like im really really worth it.
i walk with my head held high,
confidence used to be a -turn on- to any guy.
buh maybe, jus maybe thas the issue,
my standards to. . . [HIGH]?
because i request that before yu make love to my body,
that you make love to my mind?
I was taught that my [virtue] was all in how i carried myself,
and that a little pain comes in every hand that your delt.
that you cant blame yerself.
yet, you cant blame anyone else?
buh i refuse to diffuse my morales & val-ues,
in order to settle for a dude that ain' paid his dues.
'cuhz you see im PHE-NOM-ENAL.

yea. . .like the 7 wonders of the world,
sumthin like our first blacc presidency,
you see, because i cant accept a man that wont apreciate,
somethin as big as my soul to somethin,
as small as the arch in my feet.all my flaws embodied,
he gets [ALL] of me.

And when he's found--
someone who can see the phenomenal in ME.
ill quickly give my freedom to be held in his --[CAPTIVITY]--.
because love will be the chains that bond us.
not bind us not made to cause refraction or distraction,
buh a melting pot, no a [building] block,of communication and passion.

so really is it to much?what im askin'?
'cause lately i been thinkin myabe love's not ready for me,
maybe i need to learn. . . [HUMILITY]?
be careful what you ask for,cuhz you might recieve,
but if you ask me tomorow,ill say the same thing,

Kayla Mac

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